There are times in life, when a healer needs another healer, another witness to their life, to help bring things to light that need clearing. Donna is an exceptionally gifted intuitive that brings a groundedness to her work that is hard to find, her ability to tune in and see the inner workings of your psyche and physical body are nothing short of profound. Deeply empathic and kind, I feel incredibly fortunate to know and work with Donna. Whether it's an energetic tune up, or healing childhood wounds, I highly recommend her work to anyone on the path of becoming self aware and whole." — Althea Bauer
Donna’s work is like therapy for me. Her wisdom and ability to sense energy allows her to target aspects of the body healing areas of tension and pain, emotionally and physically. Every time I leave a session with Donna, I feel rejuvenated and understand a little bit more about myself. A healer and teacher, Donna is an incredible Practitioner." — Alissa Finn, Actor/Singer
I couldn’t be more grateful to have Donna's compassionate guidance in my life. She has supported me through some really difficult transitions in my life with so much love, kindness and openness. She is an incredibly powerful healer who has not only taught me incredibly helpful tools that I can practice everyday but I leave every session feeling more in tune with myself than ever, my mind is balanced and I feel so grounded. I’m beyond grateful to have her help and support.

After one particular session with her after feeling blocked I had one of the most amazing creative flows ever, the ideas were flowing out!!"

— Kitty Shukman, Designer
Some people have a gift of illumination, to shine light. Donna Racik is one of them. Her tremendous blend of knowledge, sensitivity, wisdom and sensibility was a revelation for me." — Louis Langrée, Musical Director, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Mostly Mozart Festival
Most noticeable to me and the students is improvement in their ability to play with a more confident, relaxed, and musical approach.”  — Julie Landsman, Former Principal Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

You can really use [your energy] instead of losing it, not knowing how to keep it the right way. This work gave me more confidence and calm, exactly what I needed."
 — Natalie Dessay, Soprano  
A week after I had fractured my ankle, I still had a lot of bruising and swelling. Donna used a combination of EEM and OB. Within hours, there was a visibly significant change and my pain was also gone." — Gail Sobel, MD
This morning after doing energy work, tapping with some positive affirmations, and just getting myself centered and grounded, I felt ready, willing, and able to present my introductory talk . . . I was happily surprised at how I was able to ignore everything I wrote down and just go with the flow! Thank you, Donna, and this valuable work!  I feel like a million dollars!" — M.T., Virginia, U.S.A.  
The night before my People Symphony Concert in New York at Washington Irving High School, I went to an Italian restaurant with friends. Everything was fine until I woke up at 4AM feeling totally sick; I had been food poisoned!

Of course I cancelled my rehearsal at the hall the next day and decided to go there the latest possible. At that time, I had no idea if I would be able to find the strength to play the concert but I didn't wanna give up! So, I arrived at Washington Irving High School one hour before the concert. Donna came backstage and saw I was not feeling great at all and without energy; I was still willing to play but knew it would be a huge effort on my body.   

So Donna asked me "can I try something?" and then started to explain to me the idea of energy medicine; I had never heard about it and I found it fascinating; of course I wanted to try! In my position, I would have tried anything to feel better! She asked me to lie down and then started to work on me. What seemed crazy is she didn't touch me, she was moving her hands approximately 7 inch above me. Her movements were circles around my body and specially my belly to unlock my energy and make it flow again. The belly area is quite vast and she felt exactly where it was painful and stayed there.  

After 2-3 minutes focused on that point, I started to feel a flow and something heavy leaving my body.

It's really difficult to explain and put words to it, but that's what I felt. At that moment, Donna turned red a little bit and started to sweat, it was crazy! It really felt like she was taking the pain away of my body.   

To finish, she worked on my back, which is always painful, to give me some energy back because I was still feeling enormously weak. And it worked -- after 30 minutes of work, I was a different person!! I could stand up without feeling nauseous and I knew it would now be possible to play the concert -- difficult and challenging, but possible!   

I can say, on this specific day, energy medicine and Donna saved my life! An amazing experience for sure!”  

— Lise de la Salle, concert pianist  
Donna's grid work has been transformational for me. Ever since then I feel much more fundamental support in my body, and I'm less prone to polarity issues. I'm very grateful. " — M.P., NYC
Ballroom dancing is my passion, and I typically dance four nights per week. Imagine my despair when I woke one morning, writhing in agony. My right foot was radiating with pain. Immediately, I rested, took anti-inflammatories, iced it, elevated it. But, the pain persisted…for four days. I contacted Donna, and she was able to see me right away. What transpired was a miracle. She gave tender care to every inch of my foot and when she found the root of the problem, she focused all of her energy on that spot. And, oh, the relief! She was a godsend! I started crying, I was so relieved to be free of the pain. If you are in physical pain, you do not need to suffer. Energy medicine can help, and Donna Racik is the expert who can help you! — Jennifer Richards, book publicist and amateur ballroom dancer
Despite some uneasiness, I travel by plane often and without any understanding of how the vehicle soars us above the clouds, propels us forward and delivers me to a destination. I supplant understanding with trust for the sake of a journey. Donna’s powerful knowledge of human physicality and gentle approach to healing quickly engendered trust and the prompt pain-relief I experienced removed any need for understanding. Thanks Donna.   — Ilya Welfeld
Donna Racik is a healer of healers. Her intuition is unequivocally astute and she communicates with and interprets what one’s body is saying in a way that enables energy to shift dramatically for good. 

In terms of physiology, Donna has helped me walk and move again. I went to her when my knee, ankle, and foot were so bad that I could barely walk. After seeing many doctors, she was the only one to be able to figure out that it had to do with the disks in my back. Using Ortho-Bionomy®, she deftly and gently worked with my whole physical structure to unwind my “torqued” body. She moved from ankle to knee to back to knee to ankle as if she were untying a very difficult knot. I am happy to say I can walk and even run again after her work.  

On emotional and energetic levels, Donna worked with me on removing trauma and grief from my body. Over the course of a few sessions I have come back into myself and my body, and am thriving again. She facilitated my body in healing itself. We all have this power, but in Donna’s healing hands and with her magnificent heart energy, healing is supercharged and efficient. I highly recommend working with her!  

— Jessica G., Non-Profit Executive