How to Work with Donna

Heal and Strengthen

Are you seeking insight into the past to close a chapter and move forward? Do you need to re-pattern your reaction or response to a trauma or incident? Healing can happen for any type of relationship from family, friends, work, or within your spirit. In the session, we will find the root of the pain or discomfort, address the core of it and shift the energy around it. We will resolve and relieve stress, tension, and worry, and create space for forgiveness. This leads to leaving past traumas and wounds behind and empowering you to move forward with strength and peace.

Ground and Align

Do you have questions about which direction you should take in a crossroads decision concerning romantic relationships, family relationships, career, living situations, or even a new geographical location? Are you looking for focus or insight? Do you want clarity on a how to interact with another person, or get a read on someone’s intention? We will focus on a question or two that is keeping you at a standstill and remove what is paralyzing. You will ground yourself in a pathway and align a new identity into the world in a way that will be fruitful and joyous.

Imagine and create

Are you stuck emotionally, spiritually, or creatively? Do you have a project that you want to work on, but don’t know how to start? Do you want to make big shifts in your life but don’t know where or how to get started? We will unpack limiting conversations about who you are and your true essence and purpose, then set you free on a path of creativity.

Grow and flourish

All of us recognize when we are in the flow - creative ideas are abundant, life is smooth. What happens when we temporarily lose that connection? We walk through the unexpected curves and challenges in your life, leaving what no longer serves you behind, as you flow into the present, tap into your natural center, and realize your goals. If you are looking into the future, our conversation will help you clarify what steps you want to take, or where you want to be in a certain amount of time. Our conversation will shift you from being stuck, to being in action. You will flow into your next steps.

Connect and inspire

Are you about to step into a role that influences others? Do you need to increase your intuition for business and personal decisions? This conversation will take you within and re-connect with your truth. It will reveal your purpose and shift self-image so you can take center stage in your own life and positively influence others.

Energize and re-vitalize

This conversation happens on many levels, bringing your intuition, emotions, physical body, spirit, and energy into harmony so your whole self feels refreshed and re-vitalized. Once functionality and flow are re-established within ourselves, what is stopping us disappears. Together we will look into the future and see how it looks from where you are standing now, and ignite the fire and drive to walk that path. You will move forward into a radiant future.

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