There is SO much that we can do to support ourselves, our desires, our dreams, our families.  Whether you prefer an on-site group workshop, a one-on-one session in my healing office or via teleconference, I can help you increase your flow of well-being , your  levels of health and emotional center.  When we are grounded and balanced, we experience our best selves in every moment. 



As performers, we are cognizant of energy in our daily lives. We know when...


  • we are "on,"

  • we're in the flow,

  • the audience is with us,

  • we've transcended our usual level of performance.


We also know if we're blocked, shaking with nerves, unsettled, anxious, distracted, and stuck. Techniques from the field of Energy Medicine offer a unique addition to our work. They are composed of exercises based on elements from Eastern traditions such as acupressure and yoga, Chi Gong and Chinese traditional medicine.


With a state of balance as your baseline, you begin to address performance anxiety. You weave new patterns, reconnect to your unique voice of expression, and free your natural flow.